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Road conditions

Please note that the zecs' road system is exclusively composed of gravel forest roads. Driving conditions can vary greatly between sectors. Contact your zec to know the suitable means of transportation.

The Zec road system is owned by the Québécois state and falls under its responsibility. The protocol between zecs and state contains no obligation for any zec to maintain its forest roads. If zecs spend 3.5 million dollars together every year to maintain roads and bridges, they do so to preserve access to their territory, to the benefit of their users.

Condition Roads Details
Open Chemin des Twins

Dommages causés par l'eau

L'eau a traversé le chemin et fait un gros trou. Des rubans indiquent l'endroit à éviter, le restant de la route est correct.

Open Chemin du Baillargeon

Open Chemin du Ross